How to Protect the Car Paint Surface?

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  Whether a car's appearance is beautiful or not may be the first requirement of many people. Therefore, the maintenance of the car's  paint surface, is also an important part of car maintenance. How should we maintain our car paint in our daily life?  There are some practical tips to be shared. 


Minimize vehicle exposure time in the sun and rain. 

Ultraviolet rays and acid substances in rain and snow water will destroy the gloss of car paint and accelerate the aging of car paint.

Rinse immediately after rain or snow.

Rainwater and snow water will contain some acidic or alkaline corrosive substances. These corrosive substances will damage the paint surface, tarnish the body surface.They 1. will cause the paint surface to lose the hardest protection layer, making the painted surface more susceptible to erosion. When driving on snow-covered roads, especially on roads where snow-melting agents are sprayed, it is necessary to wash away the stains on the car in time. These stains also have a strong corrosive effect. It is also necessary to remove the dust on the vehicle body in time to minimize the adsorption of dust by the paint static electricity.


Do not wash the car under the hot sun.

to avoid the water droplets on the car from condensing under the light, causing local high temperature on the car surface, which is extremely unfavorable to the car paint. Special detergents and neutral running water should be used, and alkaline detergents should not be used to prevent the grease from washing off the paint surface and accelerate the paint aging. For some special extremely corrosive marks, they should be removed in time with a special cleaner, do not scrape with a blade or eliminate with gasoline.

Use a clean, soft and wet cloth or sponge to scrub the vehicle.

Do not wipe the car with a dry cloth, towel, or sponge to avoid leaving scratches. It should be wiped gently from top to bottom along the direction of water flow. Circles and lateral wipes should not be wiped.

Repair the scratches in time.

Generally minor abrasions, for example, there are scars on the surface of the paint, the scars are white, or even if the surface of the paint is scraped into hair, there is no need to make up the paint. Lighter ones can be processed with car wax; heavy ones can be polished. If it is scratched on the steel plate of the car body, it must be repainted. Otherwise, even if it is a small break, the steel plate will start to rust. At that time, even the effect of repainting is not ideal.