How to Choose The Right Antifreeze Coolant?

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  There are many different brands and packages of antifreeze on the market, and you may wonder how to choose the right antifreeze coolant? Here are four buying guides for reference!

Freezing point: 

Choose the appropriate freezing point according to the ambient temperature conditions of the car. Freezing point is an important indicator of antifreeze coolant, which means that antifreeze will freeze under the temperature below this freezing point. In general, the freezing point should be about 10 ℃ lower than the minimum temperature of the local environmental conditions; for example: if the local minimum temperature is -10 ℃, it should choose antifreeze coolant with freezing point -20 ℃ or below.


The antifreeze coolant with clear and transparent appearance, no impurities, no precipitation, and no stickiness should be selected. Antifreeze coolant is generally green and red, and its main role is to be found in time when the water tank ruptures and leaks, so the color depth has nothing to do with the quality. Conversely, if the color is too dark and looks turbid , it is a sign of too much dye, which has a corrosive effect on aluminum and copper. The precipitation will cause harm to the water tank. And the liquid without consistency, which is conducive to good circulation and circulation in the water tank, will help reducing the machine temperature.


Choose products that are not irritating. If there is a pungent odor, it may have expired or added some inferior alcohols or other liquids. This will not only play the role of maintenance of cooling system, but also cause damage to the engine system of the car, blockage of pipelines, corrosion of the cylinder block and other damage.

Regular brands: 

 Choose the antifreeze coolant with regular brands and within the shelf life. Although the general validity of antifreeze antifreeze coolant is two to three years, the newer the better. When you buy it, you should pay attention to the date of production. Poor quality antifreeze coolant can easily damage the car's cooling system, and some antifreeze antifreeze coolant can also corrode and perforate the water tank and flow into the engine, causing more serious engine failure.