Introduction of Car Water Tank Maintenance

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The car water tank, also known as the radiator, is the main part of the car cooling system. It is an important protection device for the vehicle engine. Its function is to dissipate heat. The cooling water absorbs heat in the water jacket and dissipates the heat after flowing to the radiator. Return to the water jacket and cycle, so as to achieve the effect of heat dissipation and temperature regulation to prevent the engine from overheating.  So car tank maintenance can not be ignored,  today we want to share some car tank daily maintenance methods.

Always check the temperature on the dashboard

When the weather is hot, the car's water tank is very easy to boil, so we should always check if the temperature displayed on the dashboard is too high. If the temperature is very high, be sure to stop and check to prevent boiling. Once the engine is found to smoke, the engine cover in front of the car should be opened in time to improve the heat dissipation speed. It is best to park in a ventilated place, and try to avoid stopping in a tunnel or a relatively closed place.
In order to prevent the car tank from boiling, we should clean the car's thermal system regularly, and check regularly whether the antifreeze is enough, the cooling system is working properly.


Change the coolant regularly

Car engine water tanks often rust and scale, which will limit the flow of antifreeze coolant in the cooling system, reduce heat dissipation, cause the engine to overheat, and even cause engine damage. The antifreeze coolant in the car's water tank can effectively prevent the formation of scale, so the antifreeze coolant should be replaced regularly.
Generally, antifreeze coolant should be replaced when driving 20,000 kilometers or 1 year. However, the coolant must be of good quality. If the quality is not good, it is easy to make the car tank rust, scale and even 

Check the water level regularly

We mainly rely on the the observation of upper scale and lower scale on the antifreeze kettle, and make sure the water surface in the middle. It is necessary to check the water level regularly, especially before running long distances.

Regular cleaning 

Due to the long-term use of the vehicle, the radiator fins will enter the sand, dirt and other sundries, causing the water tank to dissipate heat poorly, resulting in high engine temperature and poor fuel economy.
It is recommended to clean the surface of the heat sink and the inside of the water tank regularly.  preferably twice a year.  When cleaning, use a special cleaning agent.

Do you know the maintenance methods of car water tanks now? The maintenance of the car water tank can directly affect the service life of the car, so we must not ignore the maintenance of this part!